Yearly Archives: 2011

Holiday Decorations: Paper Snowflakes

With the great weather this year, it looks like we might not have real snowflakes decorating the lawn. Add a touch of winter to your holidays with this super fun, indoor activity, paper snowflakes! Take a square piece of paper and start by folding it in half so that it makes a triangle. Fold in read more »

Back to School: Join the Green Revolution

This year, more and more people chose green, organic and/or all-natural cleaning products to use in the classroom…

Litter in Cities

When did it become cool to litter in cities? Recently I completed a six month tour around the world visiting 8 countries. During my trip, I saw so many variations of environments; cities, suburbs, ancient ruins, mountainous regions, glacier zones, deserts, plains, and heaps of water fronts (beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rapids, etc.). I witnessed so read more »

Preschool Classrooms

According to recent studies across the US, completely sanitized classroom prohibit the strengthening of children’s immune systems. Using anti-bacterial and chemical-based cleansers to clean classroom causes more problems than solutions. Basically, young children need exposure to some germs to keep them healthier and stronger. Even with this information, many teachers and parents still gravitate towards read more »

Harry Potter

As a devoted Harry Potter fan, the new movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, brings back the familiar mixture of excitement and sadness—the same mixture that came with the release of the final book. I have yet to see the movie but, judging from the trailers and buzz on Facebook and Twitter, read more »

Popsicles: Heat Relief or Sticky Mess?

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s summer. I love this season; the pool, the sun and, most importantly, the popsicles. Even as the temperatures continue to rise, I feel like I can always find cool comfort with a popsicle. For me, the perfect combination of ice and flavor just makes the thermometer drop. The only read more »

Germ Sampling

Researchers say that children need to “germ sample” with other kids, from different places and environments, to build healthier natural antibodies. Having taught in a preschool with a classroom of 12 two year olds, I can say that I agree. For example, the first full year I worked at preschool, I caught every single viral read more »

Treat That Rug Burn, Fast!

Chances are that if you have carpet or rugs in your home, you’ve felt the pain of rug burn. It’s caused by heat and friction of your skin rubbing against a rough surface, and you should treat it as fast as possible, because it really is very painful. What should you do? Well, act fast. read more »

Cleaning With a Flair

Tired of boring house-cleaning chores? Liven it up a bit with some colorful and sleek designs for cleaning equipment. You won’t have to hide the ugly mop and broom in the back closet any longer, and more importantly, their improved functional design will get the job done faster. Check out, for instance, They design read more »

Carpeting vs Hardwood Floors

Thinking of replacing your flooring, but not sure what to put down? Carpets and hardwood are both popular choices for homeowners, but which is better? Well, carpets are soft and warm, and great for kids and older people. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, aren’t very forgiving to elbows or ankles, and they can seem read more »