Clean Air | CitiClean BlogIndoor pollution has become a big problem in many homes. Dirty air ducts, cleaning product residue, dust and dirt from the outdoors, and mold can make the air you breathe in your home worse than the air outside. One way of cutting down on indoor air pollution is getting your air ducts cleaned.

Air ducts, or air vents, collect dirt and dust that’s in your home. As air leaves the vents it can bring dust with it into the home. If there is any moisture in the air, dangerous mold can also grow in the vents, and contaminate your air.

Air duct cleaning involves cleaning all the various components of your air circulation system, basically anywhere that air blows out into the home.

Although many areas of the home can be cleaned yourself, air ducts should be cleaned professionally to avoid damaging the vents. Make sure you find a reputable cleaner that you trust.

Enjoy better indoor air quality with air duct cleaning.

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    Duct Cleaning is essential part of healthy living. thanks for this great source of information. good work

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