We use our sofas an awful lot, but what about “sofa hygiene?” They deal with a lot of abuse, every day… dirt and grime accumulating, guests falling onto it, your kids snacking on it and letting crumbs or juice stains behind. Some of us even lie on their furniture without a shirt on, leaving behind body oils and sweat. Is it any wonder then that over time it might start looking neglected and shabby?

Don’t despair. You can spruce up your sofa, by following the tips below:

  • Give it a good vacuum. This will remove loose dirt particles, pet hair, and dead skin cells that we shed regularly.
  • Carry out a thorough shampooing. Make sure to use cleaning solutions that are organic – not only are they effective, but they’re better for the health of you and your family.
  • Plump up the cushions, and turn them over regularly…this keeps wear and tear even.
  • Have it steam cleaned or dry cleaned professionally. By us. Our technicians are certified and experienced, and use top-grade machinery, designed to extract the most deeply-embedded dirt. We’re also committed to using only environmentally-friendly products, which are particularly good when dealing with delicate fabrics.

Give us a call, and get a free no-obligation quote. We guarantee amazing results – and if you’re not happy, we’ll do the job again!

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