Vaccum | CitiClean BlogSometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. You might not realize how many calories you are burning by doing everyday activities. By factoring in calories burned while doing your chores, you can count a vigorous house cleaning as time at the gym!

Regular house cleaning for one hour burns an estimated 200 calories, about the same as walking at a moderate pace for an hour! Vacuuming for one hour burns an approximated 238 calories in an hour, and it can be even more if you wind up moving around heavy furniture to get at hidden dust piles.

Are you stuck skipping the gym to make dinner? Cooking and food preparation burns about 130 calories an hour, and washing those dishes burns about 150 calories an hour. Including setting and clearing the table, you can burn about 300 calories or more just by making dinner for some friends!

The calories burned here are estimated for a person weighing about 150 lbs. To get more specific calories burned for your weight and activity level, check out this nifty calorie calculator.

No matter how busy your day turns out to be, you can always find opportunities for staying in shape!

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