The problem of child labor in poor nations such as Pakistan continues, where children are often forced to weave rugs in punishing conditions, to support their families. Many of them weave twelve hour days, breathing in chemicals and suffering back pain from hunching over looms, working as ‘bonded labor’ (labor given back to the loan shark in return for the original sum lent). So how can you be sure, when buying a Persian rug, that your money isn’t helping aid child labor?

Save the Children (a British-based charity) has teamed up with an organization called Thardeep Rural Development Program – TRDP), that aims to help families break the cycle of debt, and help their children in the process. TRDP loans families a small sum of money, along with their own loan, which means they can then sell the carpets themselves, instead of to big businesses, and keep the profits themselves. Because they can then pay off a debt more easily, the family’s children are more likely to return to school, learning to read, write and improve their lives.

To find out more about this project, and how you can buy a Persian rug from ethical sources,

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