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What is Bleach?

Bleach is the number one house cleaner used all over the world. We use it for disinfecting surfaces and lightening laundry, but what is bleach? Bleach comes in different varieties, and actually refers to a number of different chemicals. Oxidizing bleach is commonly used to lighten, and is great for making white laundry super white. read more »

End of Winter Clean Up

In the first week of February, the beloved groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, crawled out of his home to greet a crisp, new morning. After shaking the sleep from his furry eyes and with a little chuck, chirp and wink, Phil told his human handlers, that he saw his shadow, which means another six weeks of winter. read more »

The History of Synthetic Dyes

Ever wonder where that awesome neon green color for your sweater came from? Find out here.

Clean Home 101: Understanding Mold and Mildew

Mold vs. Mildew: What’s the difference anyways? Learn a couple facts to keep you informed and ahead of mold this winter.

Clean Indoor Air is a Good Thing

Be afraid, be VERY afraid of the air circulating around your home.

Why Buy Hand Made Rugs

Although we think of  area rugs as an easy way to decorate a room, they were not always so easy to come by. When area rugs first made their appearance, before recorded history, fabrics like wool were  still very hard to come by. Throughout the centuries materials like wool, synthetic fabrics, dyes, have become easier to come by, read more »

Preschool Classrooms

According to recent studies across the US, completely sanitized classroom prohibit the strengthening of children’s immune systems. Using anti-bacterial and chemical-based cleansers to clean classroom causes more problems than solutions. Basically, young children need exposure to some germs to keep them healthier and stronger. Even with this information, many teachers and parents still gravitate towards read more »

Germ Sampling

Researchers say that children need to “germ sample” with other kids, from different places and environments, to build healthier natural antibodies. Having taught in a preschool with a classroom of 12 two year olds, I can say that I agree. For example, the first full year I worked at preschool, I caught every single viral read more »

Cleaning With a Flair

Tired of boring house-cleaning chores? Liven it up a bit with some colorful and sleek designs for cleaning equipment. You won’t have to hide the ugly mop and broom in the back closet any longer, and more importantly, their improved functional design will get the job done faster. Check out, for instance, They design read more »

What Makes a Rug? Alternative Rug Fibers

Here are some more commonly used fibers in rugs and carpets that are becoming increasingly popular to use in non-traditional weaving! Cotton: Taken from the cotton plant, the cotton boll, or, the cotton ball is a protective layer of fiber protecting the seeds of the cotton plant. Indigenous to warm arid climates, Cotton’s cultivation dates read more »