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Spring cleaning your home in 5 easy steps

Spring cleaning tips | citicleaan

It’s that time of the year, spring is in the air and we’re all feeling that urge to give our homes a really great clean. Here are Citiclean’s top five steps for the best spring clean for your home: 1. Start with your windows Once your windows are sparkling your whole home will feel more read more »

How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning | Citiclean Blog Team

Whether you’re getting your home professionally cleaned, or you’ve rented a machine to clean them yourself, it’s important to know how to prepare your home for an easy cleaning. Having everything ready for before, after and during the cleaning will make it go quicker and easier. Before getting your carpets cleaned, make sure to pick read more »

Winter House Cleaning

Their are lots of important reasons to keep your home clean. Having a clean home cuts down on allergies and is a great way to create a soothing living environment. We’ve gathered a few top winter cleaning ideas that will keep your home in great condition until Spring rolls around. Make sure your furnace and read more »

Iron Out the Competition

Let us point you in the right direction when choosing a new iron.

How to Clean your Windows, Correctly

Let the last remaining Fall sun rays flow into your home with these window cleaning tips.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

No matter how careful we try to be, a red wine stain is an unavoidable lifetime experience. Don’t let a little red wine ruin a perfectly good outfit, removing a red wine stain isn’t as impossible as it sounds. The moment the wine hits the fabric you’ll need to act quickly to prevent the stain read more »

How to Make a House Cleaning Checklist

The kids are finally on their way to school and you’re left at home with a mess. It’s only natural to feel totally overwhelmed by the chore of cleaning an entire house. Take the anxiety out of house keeping with a simple checklist. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of everything that read more »

Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor pollution has become a big problem in many homes. Dirty air ducts, cleaning product residue, dust and dirt from the outdoors, and mold can make the air you breathe in your home worse than the air outside. One way of cutting down on indoor air pollution is getting your air ducts cleaned. Air ducts, read more »

Summer Beauty Secrets, Paper Towels

It’s hard to keep your skin looking fresh and clean as the summer begins to heat up. Even if you follow a detailed face washing ritual before you leave your home, by mid afternoon much of the grease and oil have returned. Face cleansing wipes are a great way to wash your face on the read more »

How to Wash Your Face

Unless you’re a beauty queen, you probably pay little to no attention to this simple task. Other than a quick splash with water and soap, few people really know how to wash their face. Before washing your face, it’s important to start by washing your hands. Hands come into contact with so much dirt and read more »