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Warming Winter Soups, Chowder

Nothing says winter like a steaming bowl of soup, however some soups make much better winter comfort food than others. Chowder, a type of thick soup originating from New England, is so thick and creamy that it can easily be served as the main course for any meal. Chowder comes in three main varieties, fish, read more »

Delicious Fall Foods

It’s no secret that eating foods that are in season is the best way to get the maximum nutritional benefit that each food has to offer. Spice up your menu with the most delicious foods of autumn. Although it’s easy to find fruit all year long, they are often shipped from warmer climates and are read more »

Burning Calories While Cleaning

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. You might not realize how many calories you are burning by doing everyday activities. By factoring in calories burned while doing your chores, you can count a vigorous house cleaning as time at the gym! Regular house cleaning for read more »

Helping Your Kids Get Organized

Empower your kids with organizational skills.

Cool as Cucumbers

The cucumber is one of the most widely eaten and grown vegetables in the entire world. Although they likely originated in the area that is now northern India, cucumbers spread quickly around the globe, and are found in almost every kind of cuisine. Cucumbers are related to melons and squashes, and are almost always eaten read more »

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Beat the heat with sweet, refreshing summer drinks. Summer slushies, shakes and smoothies will help you cool down and relax. Be creative and impress your friends with a frozen masterpiece. Add some flavor to seltzer with frozen juice ice cubes. Just freeze your favorite juices, and when your in the mood for a fuzzy and read more »

Fun Fitness Fads That Will Make You Hot

Getting the energy to get to the gym every day is tough enough, but when you get stuck in the same old routine it’s impossible to keep up your energy level. When enthusiasm for working out drops, so does the quality of your work out. Get back in gear with these super fun fitness fads read more »

No Bake Frozen Cookie Recipe

Ice cream is best in the summer, and hot chocolate is a tasty winter treat, but cookies are meant to be eaten all year long. As yummy as freshly baked cookies are, it’s no fun baking in front of the oven when you could be outside enjoying the sun. Instead of spending all day baking read more »

How to Stay Cool When It’s Hot

Stay cool when the temperatures heat up with these tips.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree

Although avocados are available year round, now that they are in season they are more delicious, readily available and inexpensive. Avocado pits are usually best known for keeping avocado dip fresh, but there are more interesting uses to this giant seed, like growing an avocado tree. When you open your avocado, remove the pit and read more »