Buying new furniture for your home is a big decision. The cost of a good sofa can be very intimidating, and we’re often tempted to pick a less expensive option that looks just as nice. The problem is that sometimes less expensive fabrics wear easily, and if the frame of the sofa is put together poorly, you might be purchasing a new sofa faster than you think. By checking out a few simple things, you can know the difference between a bad sofa and a good deal.

First, put some deep thought into your family’s needs. Do you have small children that are likely to put a lot of wear and tear on the sofa? Then your best bet is to start with something upholstered in a durable and easy to clean fabric. Will the sofa be going in a living room used only for entertaining, or will it be the place where the whole family gathers together each night? Don’t just buy a sofa because you think it’s pretty, make sure it’s the right sofa for your family.

Next, check the structural integrity of the sofa. Lift up the end of the sofa. Does the frame of the sofa twist a lot? Is the sofa very light? If so, it’s probably going to collapse after a few years of heavy use. Pay close attention to detail. If the seams of the sofa are not well sewn, or the legs seem flimsy or uneven, you can bet that the sofa is not well made.

If you’re unsure about a particular kind of sofa, check for online reviews. A sofa is a big purchase, so make sure it’s the right sofa for your family.

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