With the cold winter air creeping into our homes across the East Coast, indoor heaters blast the warn salvation. On those negative temperature days, we do everything to get inside to that warm cozy air—to save our freezing fingers, noses, ears and behinds.

But, that cozy, nice feeling quickly disappears when you turn on your heater and inhale a cobweb or two…yuck.

Unfortunately, no matter how clean your home is, you can guarantee that there are creepy, yucky messes hanging out in places you can’t see. The first hide out is found in your HVAC system (aka your heater).

A mischievous, somewhat deceiving, friend, your HVAC system picks up and stores all sorts of yuck, like pet hair, human hair, dust, dirt, dried skin, mold, bacteria, cobwebs and dust mites, and then circulates them around your home when you hit the on button.

That’s right, your heater is not only warming your fingers and bum, it’s also filling your lungs with dangerous indoor pollutants. Kind of a jerk, right?

Improving the indoor air quality in your home is really more than just a good thing. It keeps you (and your entire household) safe and healthy.

Consider a seasonal air duct cleaning so that the next time you hit the on button, you won’t choke on a hair ball…or two.

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