When it comes to household cleaning chores, I generally find that there is a right way to clean and a wrong way to clean.

The right way to clean saves time and energy and gives you the amazing results you want. The wrong way to clean normally includes making a bigger mess than necessary and taking longer to achieve those “oh wow” results.

For the best and most efficient way to clean your windows, follow our short list of tips:

Dust your windows first. Take a dry duster and remove any dry dirt or particles from the window space. Mixing your wet cleaning product with dry messes creates a pretty muddy mess.

Choose an alternative cleaning product. While commercial brand glass cleaning products do provide a great clean, try an all natural (and super cheap) option. Mix together some water and white vinegar or alcohol in a spray bottle. Then use black and white newspaper to wipe away the mixture and leave a sparkling clean.

Clean on a cloudy day. Natural sunlight helps the streaks set into your windows.

Change your technique. Wipe one side of the glass horizontally and the side vertically to help prevent any type of streaking.


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