Fall Foods | CitiClean BlogIt’s no secret that eating foods that are in season is the best way to get the maximum nutritional benefit that each food has to offer. Spice up your menu with the most delicious foods of autumn.

Although it’s easy to find fruit all year long, they are often shipped from warmer climates and are low in nutrients by the time they make it to your local store. Fruits also have a tendency to absorb high levels of pesticides used during the growing process. Buying fresh, local fruits not only means that you’re getting a lot more of the good stuff fruit has to offer, but if you’re buying from farmer’s markets, you’re also drastically reducing the amount of pesticides in your diet.
The best fruits to buy in the fall include; Apples, Citrus (tangerines, grapefruits etc), Pears, Kiwis and Pomegranates.

Fall vegetables are all about squashes and flavorful root vegetables. Squashes, like acorn and butternut squash, and pumpkin are easy to bake and make wonderful soups. Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips and rutabaga are all in season right now, and are loaded with flavor.

Eating seasonal foods is not only good for your health and the health of the environment, but it’s also the most delicious way to eat.

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