In the first week of February, the beloved groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, crawled out of his home to greet a crisp, new morning. After shaking the sleep from his furry eyes and with a little chuck, chirp and wink, Phil told his human handlers, that he saw his shadow, which means another six weeks of winter.

With another six weeks to go until the predicted start of Spring, the temperature and climatic activity keep us guessing and surprised. While you can’t predict the forecast outside, you can, however, predict and determine your health and cleanliness inside to enter Spring in a healthy space.

With temperature fluctuations and threatening messes entering your home, you need to stay vigilant to keep the germs at bay. Follow some of these end-of-winter cleaning tips to keep everyone in good shape for the upcoming Spring.

  • Upon entering your home, immediately remove your shoes or boots. Leave them outside, in a dry protected space.
  • Vacuum frequently. This removes all trapped messes and germs on a regular basis.
  • Clean all door handles once a week with a distilled white vinegar mixture. This kills germs without using harsh chemicals.

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