American Toy Soldiers | CitiClean BlogThe Fourth of July is a great day to remember what makes America such an amazing place to live. This Independence Day, let’s celebrate by taking a look at one thing that makes America so special, our national anthem.

During the was of 1812, Major George Armistead, of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, commissioned the creation of an American flag that would be so large that the enemy would see it clearly from a great distance. The flag measured 30 feet by 42 feet, and was sewn in 1813 by a Baltimore widow and her daughter for $405.90.

Fort Henry was eventually attacked in 1814, and the lawyer Mr Francis Scott Key was sent offshore to arrange a prisoner exchange with British ships. Key and the prisoner were held aboard a neutral ship over night while the battle raged around them. In the morning Key saw that the wet, torn flag above Fort McHenry was switched with the extremely large and beautiful flag ordered by Major Armistead years before.

Key was so inspired by the site of the American flag waving proudly that he wrote the beginning of the Star Spangled Banner on the back of an letter that he had in his pocket. After the British had left, Key finished the poem.

This Independence Day, as you’re listening to the Star Spangled Banner, take a moment to think about Francis Scott Key, and the joy he felt while gazing upon the American Flag.

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