Area Rug | Citiclean BlogWhether you’re moving or just redecorating, the addition of an area rug adds beauty and style to any room. An area rug is a big purchase, so before you make the investment know what to look for when choosing the perfect area rug.

Rugs come in many different sizes, so be sure to measure the area where you’ll be putting the rug. Have a maximum and minimum size for the space, and know what look you’re going for. Do you want the rug to be a smaller, more decorative, center piece, or are you looking for a larger rug to cover most of the room? If the rug will be going under a dining room table, it’s important that there is enough room for the chairs to be completely on the rug, even when they are pulled away from the table.

Choose the right rug for your family’s needs. Sure you might really love a silk, oriental rug but if you have young kids, or you’re purchasing a rug for a high traffic area, then you want to choose something that can withstand heavy traffic and spills.

Before you go to a store, or speak to a salesperson about which rug you’re looking for, do a little browsing to get a feel for your rug style. Don’t let sales people talk you into the latest style, trust your taste and choose what you want for your home. Stores selling high end rugs will sometimes allow you to take the rug for a night to make sure that it suits your home.

An area rug is a great investment, so make sure that you pick the right rug for you.

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