Summer’s almost here, and that means one thing – House Party! Whether it’s a barbeque, graduation celebration, or just a fun gathering of friends, it’s never fun to be stuck cleaning up after a party. With a few simple tips, you can turn a post party nightmare into a quickie clean up.

Clean RoomYou didn’t have a party all by yourself, so why should you clean up alone? Ask a few good friends to stay and help clean up after the party. Don’t wait until after the party to see what needs to be done, give specific tasks to specific people before the night begins. This means that everyone will know what to do, and will keep up with their task all night.

This leads to step number two, don’t wait until the party’s over to start cleaning. Throughout the night take a second to straighten or toss away any major mess you see. Don’t get too worked up about this! The point of a party is to have fun, but if you happen to see an empty cup that happens to be near a garbage can, and you happen to toss it away, that’s one less cup to clean tomorrow!

When the party’s over do a quick clean up of food and drink items, toss whatever won’t last, and refrigerate what will. After that you can either go to bed and continue clean up in the morning, or keep going.

The next steps are super simple, just don’t stress, a major mess gets cleaned up quickly with a clear head and a good plan of action. Pick one thing and do a sweep of the home, when that goal is finished move on. Start with bottle/cup clean up, move on to dishes and laundry, wipe off all counters and surfaces and finish up with a nice vacuum and mopping session.

It’s so quick and easy you’ll be ready to do it again next week!

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