They say that nothing in life is free, but what if that’s not always the case? With more focus being placed on reusing and recycling, many Americans are getting fed up with the endless cycle of consumerism. Many people are turning to bartering, trade, or just plain old giving stuff away for free.

On well known websites like, under the For Sale listings, their is a section for free items. You can also check out, a website where people give away items they don’t need anymore, like a free, online garage sale.

Started in 2003 in Arizona, is now working in over 85 countries world wide! The basic premise of websites like this is that the stuff you don’t need anymore is exactly what someone else has been looking for. Although you can use this site to get stuff for free, you can also give to the community by offering up your old stuff.

Giving and reusing is a great way to reduce our footprint on this planet, but it goes deeper than this as well. Websites like Freecylce are helping to build community values, and give us an opportunity to help our neighbors.

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