Avocado | CitiClean BlogAlthough avocados are available year round, now that they are in season they are more delicious, readily available and inexpensive. Avocado pits are usually best known for keeping avocado dip fresh, but there are more interesting uses to this giant seed, like growing an avocado tree.

When you open your avocado, remove the pit and wash it clean of all yummy green goodness. To correctly position the avocado pit, remember that the pointy part of the avocado is the top, and the roots will grow out of the round bottom.

Now take four toothpicks and stick them into the avocado pit, evenly spaced around the middle, like where a belt would be. Go ahead and stick them deeply into the pit, so that you can pick up the pit with the toothpick. Take the avocado pit, with the four toothpicks dug into the sides, and place it over a bowl or coffee mug.

Fill the mug or bowl with enough water to cover the bottom half of the pit. The water needs to be changed every few days, and the pit must always be immersed in water. Place the pit somewhere in the house where it gets plenty of sunlight, and now you’ll need to be patient.

Just when you start to completely give up (about three to six weeks) your little avocado pit will start to sprout roots and leaves.

In about three months it will be time to move your sapling into a pot. Use a small pot with a hole in the bottom for drainage, and plant your sapling so that the top half of the seed is still poking out of the top of the soil.

Keep your baby tree in a warm place with plenty of sunlight. Water it enough to keep the soil moist, but not too much water.

Turning a seed into a tree might take a long time, but it’s a fun project for the whole family.

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