More Time | CitiClean BlogIn our fast paced world, it seems like there’s never enough time. If only we had a little more time each day, we could accomplish so much right? Well with a few simple tricks you’ll be able to enjoy that extra time you’re always craving.

It is estimated that the average person checks their email 10 – 15 times a day. Add to that all the time spent on social media networks and you’re talking about hours of your week. Just by changing notification settings so that you don’t have pop ups tempting you all day long, you’ll add minutes to your day.

Learn to make efficient use of your time with a to do list. Start each week by writing down all the things you have to get done, and put complimentary activities together. If your list involves getting dog food, picking up a new book, getting a present for your kid’s friend’s birthday party and grocery shopping, there’s probably a shopping center near you where you can do everything at the same time. Errands done, time saved.

Although the last item is an example of how multitasking can save time, other types of multitasking actually waste it. It seems like a time save to do many things at once, but in reality we aren’t focused and so each activity is taking much longer than it should. When you’re trying to get stuff done, do one thing at a time. You’ll finish faster and with fewer mistakes.

Follow these steps and soon you’ll find yourself with the time you always craved.

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