Whether you have a new pet in the house, or just a new sofa that you want to protect, training pets to stay off the furniture is tough. Although you Kitten | CitiClean Blogmay think it’s hopeless, even older pets will learn to stay away from the furniture as long as you train them in a tough but loving way.

Start by establishing rules. If you’re training the dog to stay off the couch but the kids keep inviting him up there, you’ll wind up with a very confused pet (not to mention a headache). Once the whole family is on board, decide which training rules you want to follow. With dogs and cats a simple NO is a good way to let them know that you do not approve of their behavior. Keep your voice deep because animals respond better to deep, harsh voices. If you say NO in a sweet and loving way, the pet will not learn.

Be consistent. Pets want to make their owners happy, so if they get yelled at every time they do something, they will learn not to do it. Many cat owners advocate using a gentle squirt gun to train cats, especially because it does not hurt them. Cats do not enjoy getting spritzed with water and most cats will do anything to avoid this annoyance.

The best way to keep a pet off of your furniture is to give them a special place of their own. If you notice your dog loves soft blankets and sunlight, get him a doggie bed and leave it in a well lit place with lots of toys and treats. If your cat wants to stare out the window, find a special stool for her to sit on.

Just like humans, pets want to have a cozy place to rest. If you don’t want that place to be your sofa then you better started training your pet to stay off the furniture.

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