Pen and Paper | CitiClean BlogThe kids are finally on their way to school and you’re left at home with a mess. It’s only natural to feel totally overwhelmed by the chore of cleaning an entire house. Take the anxiety out of house keeping with a simple checklist.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of everything that needs to be done. On your list go room by room, and write down each item you want on your cleaning list and how often you want to do them. For example, vacuum – once a week, dishes – once a day, laundry – three times a week.

Unless you made the mess by yourself, it should be up to you to clean it yourself either. Delegate chores to other family members, keeping in mind each person’s strengths and weaknesses and their personal schedules. Your daughter might be willing to do the dishes, but if she has a lot of after school activities she might be better off with once a week chores like vacuuming. If one of your children loves to cook, then it dishes are a great chore for them as well.

Invest in a large, dry erase board, and write out the cleaning schedule for everyone to see. Make sure that everyone is aware of their chores, and lets you know in advance if they can’t do something one week.

For your own chore load, make a personal timeline. Be realistic about how long it will take you to accomplish each chore, and consider when those chores most need doing. If Sunday night usually involves eating snacks while watching TV in the living room, then vacuuming might be a great Monday morning chore. If your favorite show is on Wednesday nights, then that might be a great time for folding laundry.

Make a cleaning checklist for you and your family and take the anxiety out of keeping your house clean.

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