Carpet Cleaning | Citiclean Blog TeamWhether you’re getting your home professionally cleaned, or you’ve rented a machine to clean them yourself, it’s important to know how to prepare your home for an easy cleaning. Having everything ready for before, after and during the cleaning will make it go quicker and easier.

Before getting your carpets cleaned, make sure to pick up all area rugs and mats from off the carpets, and clear the floor of all smaller items. Make sure to remove everything from under the beds and inside the closets. Professional cleaning companies will move all your furniture to another area, but if you’re doing the cleaning yourself it’s important to move the furniture to avoid having large, sofa shaped, dirty areas in the carpet. Bed frames, or other furniture that’s easy to clean beneath, do not need to be moved.

When cleaning your carpets during nice weather, open all windows to get good ventilation. This will ensure that the carpets dry faster. If it’s raining, or the weather is too hot or cold to have the windows open, then simply turn on the heat or air conditioning in the house and set up fans to help dry the carpet.

After cleaning, do your best not to walk on the carpet until it’s dry. If you must walk on the carpets, do so wearing clean, white socks to prevent the oils from your feet from staining the carpet. Wait until carpets are dry before replacing furniture, and be careful to put plastic or aluminum foil beneath all the legs of wood and metal furniture to prevent staining on the carpets.

Follow these tips to ensure the best possible carpet cleaning experience.

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