Whether you’ve dropped a bottle of nail polish on the carpet, or your teenager painted her nails, and your sofa, removing nail polish from fabric can be very difficult. Nail polish remover will stain most fabrics, leaving being an even worse stain. Don’t worry, a few secret tricks will get that nail polish right out!

Although using pure acetone will work, it can destroy some fabrics. If you’re going to try acetone, be sure to check a hidden area of the fabric first to see if it will stain. If the fabric contains triacetate or acetate do not use acetone, as it will eat through the fabric.

The best way to remove nail polish is bug spray. Place a paper towel, or cloth underneath the fabric if you can, and spray the area well. Usually we say never to rub a stain, but with nail polish you need to scrub the area with a nail brush or toothbrush. Continue to spray and brush until the stain is gone. It may take up to 30 tries, but it works!

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