Face Wash | CitiClean BlogUnless you’re a beauty queen, you probably pay little to no attention to this simple task. Other than a quick splash with water and soap, few people really know how to wash their face.

Before washing your face, it’s important to start by washing your hands. Hands come into contact with so much dirt and grime, and it’s counterproductive to rub all of that onto your face.

The next step is to find a soap that’s just for your face. Body soaps are way to harsh for the delicate skin on your face. Use warm or cold water to rinse your face. Hot water can irritate delicate skin, and finishing off with a splash of cold water closes pores.

Washcloths and scrubs are also too harsh for the face, and can cause more problems and irritations. Instead, just use your (freshly washed) hands in a sweeping, circular motion.

Dry your face by dabbing it gently with a towel that’s only for your face. Your facial skin is very vulnerable at this point, and dermatologists recommend waiting up to 15 minutes before applying anything else to the face such as acne medication or moisturizing creams.

With a little bit of extra attention on how you wash your face, your skin will be glowing.


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