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On the market for a new iron? Well, have a look at some of the top rated choices (according to the folks at Good Housekeeping) when considering temperature, steam production, and stability.

The Up-Market Choice
If you’re willing to spend the extra cash, then look no further than Rowenta Advancer. According to the reviews, this iron provides such a high quality result, it looks like you paid the dry cleaner to do it. This model gives you easily read and understood settings, automatic steaming and shutoff control.

The Reliable Choice
Taking much after its name, the Reliable Digital Velocity iron, provides a consistent and reliable iron from start to finish. With user friendly controls and settings, along with the heavy steam output, it makes for a great experience and completely removes wrinkles from silk and wool.

The Steamy Choice
This iron, the Black & Decker All-Temp Steam Digital, produces steam on every temperature and fabric setting making for some definitely wrinkle free clothing. The iron features easy controls and settings as well as good maneuverability.

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