New York’s the city that never sleeps…but there’s something worse than noise that can keep you awake at night. Bedbugs. Infestations of these tiny creatures have been plaguing the five boroughs in the last few months, in hotels, restaurants and private homes. In fact, it’s thought that one in ten New Yorkers is having problems with these hateful creatures.

Bed bugs, contrary to what you think, thrive even in the cleanest areas. They live in all kinds of spaces, but are particularly fond of mattresses and bed frames. And they’re invisible to the naked eye, which means you might not notice you have them for a while. Telltale signs are small red bumps appearing on your skin, an itchy feeling, and tiny drops of blood on the sheets.

The truth is that eliminating bed bugs completely is quite a challenge – which is why we’d always advise calling pros like us. But don’t worry – we know what we’re doing. Our products will penetrate deep inside the mattress, killing bed bugs and all the eggs they’ve laid – and after this is done we’ll disinfect everything too. Which means you’ll be able to start sleeping easy again…

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