Chicken Salad | CitiClean BlogWell the barbeque was a success, and at least you had enough food for everyone, but what can do with all the leftovers? Instead of eating leftover barbeque chicken for the next week, spice it up with some fun barbeque chicken recipes.

Try adding barbeque chicken on top of your salad. It will add some yummy flavor, and some much needed vegetables after a long weekend.

Barbeque chicken also makes a delicious topping for a pizza. Add it onto a plain cheese pizza, or buy a premade crust at the grocery store and make one yourself.

Love fajitas? Shred some leftover barbeque chicken and mix it in with some stir fried vegetables. Wrap up everything in a tortilla and it makes a yummy dinner for the whole family.

Bringing your lunch to work is a great way to save some money and some calories. Make barbeque chicken wraps. Wrap up the chicken with some lettuce, tomato and a spicy mayonnaise and you can bring this yummy wrap to work.

If you hate leftovers, or you just can’t eat anymore chicken, it’s okay. Barbeque chicken freezes very well. Wrap up your leftovers in a good, freezer safe bag and save it for another day.

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