Ever wonder what happens after your old carpet is removed from your home? Most likely it is disposed of, along with 5 billion pounds of other carpet that is thrown away annually.

Though carpet is quickly filling our landfills and takes over fifty years to decompose, barely 4% of carpet is recycled yearly. However, with the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), measures are being taken to increase the amount of post-consumer carpet that is recycled and reused, reducing the amount of waste entering landfills.

CARE’s philosophy rests upon the idea to “treat carpet as a resource rather than a waste product.”

Some carpet companies are sticking with this philosophy and offering carpet-recycling options for carpet refuse. These companies are finding eco-solutions that either reuse the carpet or send it to a recycling facility to be cut, sanitized, re-woven, and re-needled for recycled carpet padding, composite lumber, and even automotive parts.

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