When did it become cool to litter in cities? Recently I completed a six month tour around the world visiting 8 countries. During my trip, I saw so many variations of environments; cities, suburbs, ancient ruins, mountainous regions, glacier zones, deserts, plains, and heaps of water fronts (beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rapids, etc.).

I witnessed so much natural beauty that I remained in a consistent state of awe and wonder. The awe and wonder, however, seemed to disappear when I would see discarded trash littering nature reserves.

But, when I saw trash in the middle of a city, Hong Kong for example, it never bothered me. A city is a place where I expect to see trash. A city without trash everywhere seems uninhabited. But in a nature reserve it’s definitely forbidden and quite off-putting to how humans live.

So I beg to ask, what makes it okay for a city to be polluted and not our precious natural reserves? Are our urban spaces less important to us? Or have we just gotten lazy and used to the city cleaning up our messes?

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