I was feeling creative last week and I knew my kids needed a new rug. So I decided to try and make a rug with them. My idea was to get some small leftover pieces of material, make a design together with my kids, and then paint the design on the rug with some fabric color.

I arrived at my local carpet shop, and asked for any leftover bits. They did have some but none of them seemed the right size and none were in light enough colors that I could paint on. So I went back home with some disappointed kids…

Later on that evening I decide to do some research and was surprised to find a wide range of companies that offer a “design your own rug online” service. I got my kids around the computer and together we chose the design and picked the colors. The service was not very expensive, and we should receive the rug any day now.

Although I was hoping to make a real cheap rug and ended up buying it online, the experience was great – my kids really enjoyed making the design. I truly recommend trying this service instead of buying your kids rug in a shop.

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