Although store bought gifts and cards look lovely, there’s something very special about home made gifts on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Crafts | CitiClean Blog

. This year, help your kids make some lovely crafts to celebrate their mothers and grandmothers.

The best hand made Mother’s Day crafts is a hand made card. Cards are easy to make for kids of all ages and can even be made out of recycled materials to make an environmentally friendly card. Unlike other hand made arts and crafts, cards are very easy for mother’s to keep for years.

Other quick and fun Mother’s Day crafts are easily suited to fit the mommy. Does she like plants, how about painted flower pots? What about a hand made¬†Popsicle¬†stick picture frame or a frame pretty paper?

If you’re unsure of what to make this year, why not head to a crafts store and check out some fun ideas. As long as a gift is made with love and good intentions, it’s sure to make a mother very happy.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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