Crafts | CitiClean BlogBring the Olympic spirit into your home with home made Olympic medals. Make them just for fun, or have the kids make medals for each other for being great!

Roll out the some polymer clay so that it’s about a quarter of an inch thick. Next find a cup with the opening the size that you would like the medal to be, and use the cup to cut out circles. Use the solid end of a paint brush to put holes in the tops of the medals, and then have the kids decorate the medals using clay or rubber stamps.

Bake the clay according to directions on the package, and after the clay is cool then it’s time to paint! Olympic medals are gold, silver and bronze, but your family’s medals can also have fun decorations like glitter, colorful stripes, or make a red, white and blue medal for team USA!

Thread some ribbon through the holes, and then you’re ready to go. Wear the medals while you’re watching the games, or even have a family awards ceremony!

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