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Summer time always brings about certain nostalgia for sun brewed iced tea—nothing says summer like the image of a large glass jar slowly heating the tea drenched water. Sun tea not only tastes delicious and serves as a fun family recipe; it also helps you stay cool (in more than one way) on those days when the thermostat couldn’t get any higher.

With the sweltering days of summer continuing to bring those super hot temperatures, give yourself a break in the heat with this cool and super refreshing Peppermint Sun Tea:

  • One gallon sized glass jar with sealable lid
  • 5-6 bags of black tea (more or less depending on how strong you like your tea)
  • 3-4 bags of peppermint tea

Fill the glass jar with enough filtered water and pop in your tea bags. Close the lid and shake the mixture up and leave it in direct sun light. Let the tea seep in the sun, shaking it every hour, for five to seven hours. Then remove the tea bags, strain the tea into a pitcher, store in the fridge, and drink as necessary. Add natural sweeteners like honey or agave nectar to sweeten up your cool treat.

Use your sun tea concoction as an all natural, cooling body spray. Just fill half a spray bottle with water and the other half with your peppermint sun tea. This spray not only gives you a refreshing boost, the black tea inside helps soothe sunburn and repair skin damaged caused by the sun’s dangerous rays.

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