In case you haven’t noticed, it’s summer. I love this season; the pool, the sun and, most importantly, the popsicles. Even as the temperatures continue to rise, I feel like I can always find cool comfort with a popsicle.

For me, the perfect combination of ice and flavor just makes the thermometer drop. The only bad thing is the drips and drops of the melting popsicle. Talk about a sticky stain disaster on your hands, clothes and sometimes even your carpet.

You can bust the stains on your clothes with the following remedy:

  • First sponge the stains with cool water.
  • Treat the stain with a pre-wash stain removing agent
  • Throw into the washing machine and wash.
  • If you pull it out of the washing machine and the stain stays, mix ¼ cup color safe bleach with ¼ cup oxygen bleach and cover the stain. Let the stain soak for 30 minutes before you rinse and re-wash.

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