Every homeowner worries about the possibility of floods, leaks, and water damage in the home. Here are some helpful hints of things you can do to the exterior of your house to help prevent this kind of catastrophe.

  • Landscape your garden with native plants and vegetation, to avoid soil erosion
  • Make sure to clean your gutters and roof water drains properly, to prevent clogging
  • If you live in a forested area or have many trees hovering over your roof, make sure to properly trim the branches so that they don’t block rain from draining over the roof properly
  • Waterproof walls and roofs. This can be done either with sealants or specialty paints that have a protective waterproofing layer already added
  • Make sure your downspout is located away from the foundation of the house
  • Slope land away from your house. If your house is on higher ground than the surrounding land, water will flow away more easily

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