It’s every home owner’s worst nightmare – a red wine spill on a lovely white couch. Whilst your first (and natural) reaction is going to be to panic, don’t! All is not lost – as long as you act fast. Prompt action will mean you have a good chance of removing the stain.

Believe it or not, but one of the best ways of dealing with a red wine stain is by blotting it with white wine. The white acts as a ‘neutralizer’ on the red, and – hey presto – the stain is gone!

Another good way of getting a nasty red stain out of your upholstery is by using table salt. Cover the stain with a thick layer of salt and let it absorb the stain. Leave the fabric to dry then brush off the granules.

Finally, baby wipes go a long way to doing the job as well, so donuo;t forget to keep a pack close to hand the next time you throw a party…

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