Laundry is a chore we just can’t get out of, and not only can it be tiresome but the nickels and dimes can also add up on buying cleaning products. And purchasing endless sheets of “Bounce” can be very expensive, not to mention full of harsh chemicals that really aren’t good for your health.

So use some wool balls. They’re the natural way to soften your clothes, and the cost almost nothing to make (or very little to buy). Made out of yarn, they’re great to put in the tumble dryer – not only will they radically reduce drying time, saving you money, but they’ll also make your clothes smell good.

Unlike dryer sheets, they really reduce static cling and wrinkles. All you need to do is throw 3-4 in the tumble dryer and away you go. And you can recycle them too – they last a long time. And, just as importantly, they’re great for the environment. Wool balls really are a safe and natural way to get your clothes dry, and smelling great, in no time at all!

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