Keeping the tiling and grout in your bathroom sparkling clean is a must. Obviously, if you get professionals like us in, you’ll be guaranteed of a good job, because we use a unique high-pressure hot water dirt extraction process.  The powerful jets of water we blast at the tiling will leave your walls looking fabulously clean.  But you can also use natural solutions, many of which can be found in your cupboard at home.

You can either use vinegar (diluted with equal parts of water) or baking soda (make a paste out of it, with water).  Spray or dab on and then with an old toothbrush get to work.  You’ll be amazed at the difference – in fact, vinegar and baking soda aren’t just a cheap alternative to regular householder cleaners but they’re usually just as effective, if not better.

Roll up your sleeves…

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