It’s that time of the year, spring is in the air and we’re all feeling that urge to give our homes a really great clean. Here are Citiclean’s top five steps for the best spring clean for your home:

1. Start with your windows

Once your windows are sparkling your whole home will feel more airy and brighter, and you’ll be more motivated to clean the rest of your apartment. Cleaning your curtains and drapes will frame your room nicely, and stop too much dust gathing in your home.

clean windows 1

2. Get your carpets professionally cleaned

Call Citiclean to spring clean your carpets so they look and smell great. We’ll also get rid of all that lingering dust and pollen which is making your spring allergies worse, and ruining your carpet’s foundations. Click here to book your free cleaning test.

citi clean clean carpet

3. Add a splash of color

Use cushions, rugs and throws to bring your apartment up to date and add some spring color to your home. Citrusy colours like lime and tangerine can add some zing to even dreary spaces.

splash of color- lime

4. D.I.Y home decorations

Frame photos or postcards from trips, or your kids’ art work to liven up your walls and personalize your living space. Even simple pictures look great when framed and placed well.

kids artwork display

5. Banish bed bugs

Get your bed spring ready by getting your mattresses professionally cleaned. Once your mattresses are clean and dry wash all your bedding at a high temperature, and replace on your bed.


Call Citi Clean today to find out about our organic cleaning methods, and how we can help you start your spring cleaning today. Happy spring cleaning!


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