The weather is warming up and the clothes are coming off. Amidst the joy of the upcoming summer, you may notice those extra winter pounds that were hiding behind big, bulky sweaters and thick jeans. A few small changes to your diet will help you prepare your body for bikini season.

Start your weight loss by eating more – more vegetables that is! By starting each meal with a large, lo-cal salad, you will decrease the amount of high calorie foods consumed later in the meal. With lettuce and veggies you can eat a huge portion while consuming minimal calories. Make sure you’re careful which dressing you choose. If you pile on the full calorie ranch dressing you’re sabotaging your healthy choices.

For beverages, it’s tea time! By making the switch to green tea instead of regular soda you’ll save over 100 calories for every beverage! Even drinking diet soda doesn’t help you lose weight. Drinking artificial sweeteners will boost the body’s desire for sugar. A diet soda with lunch might save you some calories now, but it will make it harder to say no to that piece of cake later. Try switching to natural sweeteners like Stevia or agave nectar. They can add sweetness to food without causing cravings later.

A few little changes in your daily eating habits can make a big change in your body come summertime!

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