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Summer Odor Solutions

You thought you already took care of your dog’s little accident this winter, so why is the smell coming back in full force now that the weather is getting warmer? If you smell an orange, you are smelling tiny orange particles floating in the air, unfortunately the same thing is true if you are smelling read more »

Stain Removal, Do’s and Don’ts

Cool Drink | CitiClean Blog

We all know that horrible, gut wrenching panic as you watch something messy fall onto your carpet or sofa. Although your first instinct is to run over and wipe up the mess with the closest cloth you can find, you may wind up causing more harm than good. A few quick tips will help you read more »

Bad Odor Removal

A smelly carpet can make even the cleanest room unpleasant. Whether the smell is caused by lack of air circulation, food spills, mold, or by pets relieving themselves on your precious carpet, taking the smell out must be a priority. I have written here the most easy and effective “do it yourself” methods to remove read more »