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How to Get Things for Free

They say that nothing in life is free, but what if that’s not always the case?

Holiday Decorations: Paper Snowflakes

With the great weather this year, it looks like we might not have real snowflakes decorating the lawn. Add a touch of winter to your holidays with this super fun, indoor activity, paper snowflakes! Take a square piece of paper and start by folding it in half so that it makes a triangle. Fold in read more »

Litter in Cities

When did it become cool to litter in cities? Recently I completed a six month tour around the world visiting 8 countries. During my trip, I saw so many variations of environments; cities, suburbs, ancient ruins, mountainous regions, glacier zones, deserts, plains, and heaps of water fronts (beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rapids, etc.). I witnessed so read more »

Life After Your Carpet’s Life

Ever wonder what happens after your old carpet is removed from your home? Most likely it is disposed of, along with 5 billion pounds of other carpet that is thrown away annually. Though carpet is quickly filling our landfills and takes over fifty years to decompose, barely 4% of carpet is recycled yearly. However, with read more »