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How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug

Area Rug | Citiclean Blog

Whether you’re moving or just redecorating, the addition of an area rug adds beauty and style to any room. An area rug is a big purchase, so before you make the investment know what to look for when choosing the perfect area rug. Rugs come in many different sizes, so be sure to measure the read more »

The History of Synthetic Dyes

Ever wonder where that awesome neon green color for your sweater came from? Find out here.

Why Buy Hand Made Rugs

Although we think of  area rugs as an easy way to decorate a room, they were not always so easy to come by. When area rugs first made their appearance, before recorded history, fabrics like wool were  still very hard to come by. Throughout the centuries materials like wool, synthetic fabrics, dyes, have become easier to come by, read more »

What Makes a Rug? Alternative Rug Fibers

Here are some more commonly used fibers in rugs and carpets that are becoming increasingly popular to use in non-traditional weaving! Cotton: Taken from the cotton plant, the cotton boll, or, the cotton ball is a protective layer of fiber protecting the seeds of the cotton plant. Indigenous to warm arid climates, Cotton’s cultivation dates read more »

What Makes a Rug? Silk and Wool Blends

Ever wonder just how silk and wool are made? Here we explore where these fibers come from and how they end up in your precious rug. Silk: Harvested from the cocoons of the silkworm, these fibers are some of the strongest and finest in nature. First cultivated in ancient China for centuries, after the secret read more »

Buying Persian Rugs from Ethical Sources

The problem of child labor in poor nations such as Pakistan continues, where children are often forced to weave rugs in punishing conditions, to support their families. Many of them weave twelve hour days, breathing in chemicals and suffering back pain from hunching over looms, working as ‘bonded labor’ (labor given back to the loan read more »

Make Your Own Rugs

I was feeling creative last week and I knew my kids needed a new rug. So I decided to try and make a rug with them. My idea was to get some small leftover pieces of material, make a design together with my kids, and then paint the design on the rug with some fabric read more »