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How to Remove Red Wine Stains

No matter how careful we try to be, a red wine stain is an unavoidable lifetime experience. Don’t let a little red wine ruin a perfectly good outfit, removing a red wine stain isn’t as impossible as it sounds. The moment the wine hits the fabric you’ll need to act quickly to prevent the stain read more »

What is Bleach?

Bleach is the number one house cleaner used all over the world. We use it for disinfecting surfaces and lightening laundry, but what is bleach? Bleach comes in different varieties, and actually refers to a number of different chemicals. Oxidizing bleach is commonly used to lighten, and is great for making white laundry super white. read more »

How do Stain Remover’s Work?

Stain removers, pre-treaters and stain sticks have saved the lives of many an item of clothing, but how do they do it? While each stain removing product has different active ingredients, they all fall into a few similar categories. Solvents – According to Wikipedia, a solvent is, “A liquid, solid or gas that dissolves another read more »

Summer Odor Solutions

You thought you already took care of your dog’s little accident this winter, so why is the smell coming back in full force now that the weather is getting warmer? If you smell an orange, you are smelling tiny orange particles floating in the air, unfortunately the same thing is true if you are smelling read more »

Stain Removal, Do’s and Don’ts

Cool Drink | CitiClean Blog

We all know that horrible, gut wrenching panic as you watch something messy fall onto your carpet or sofa. Although your first instinct is to run over and wipe up the mess with the closest cloth you can find, you may wind up causing more harm than good. A few quick tips will help you read more »

How to Remove Ink Stains

Ink stain covering your clothes? Follow our stain busting tips to a clean look.

Popsicles: Heat Relief or Sticky Mess?

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s summer. I love this season; the pool, the sun and, most importantly, the popsicles. Even as the temperatures continue to rise, I feel like I can always find cool comfort with a popsicle. For me, the perfect combination of ice and flavor just makes the thermometer drop. The only read more »

How To Clean a Velvet Sofa

Velvet is a material that’s becoming increasingly popular with sofa buyers – it’s soft and luxurious and gives real elegance to a room. But velvet can be a tricky material to clean, because it’s delicate and if you’re not careful you’ll damage it badly. The key, it seems, is to make sure you don’t get read more »

The Party’s Over

Like many of us, you may have had a party to celebrate the holidays. And however much fun you’ve had, you’ll then have to deal with the mess, which can often include dirt, spills and stains left on your carpet. It’s considered a universal truth in our industry that the best time to get your read more »

How to Get Baby Food Stains Out of Your Carpet

Yes, it’s one of the joys of parenthood – watching your beautiful new baby spit up, vomit or simply drop food on your lovely carpet. Be it food spills, throw up, crayons or any type of result of the baby-carpet encounter, these incidents can cause chemical reactions in your carpet’s fabric, inducing discoloration, staining or read more »