Awards | CitiClean BlogAs we gear up for this years Olympic games in London, it’s fun to look back a few thousand years at the origins of the Olympic games.

The Olympic games first got their name because they were both dedicated to the Olympian gods, and they were held on the plains of Olympia in ancient Greece.

The earliest records of the Olympic games traces all the way back to 776 BCE, and continued for centuries until they were banned in 393 CE. The ancient Greeks highly valued the human body, and physical skill, and the Olympic games were a way to celebrate both.

The original Olympic victors did not win gold or silver medals, but they were given palm branches and red ribbons were tied to them as a sign of victory. At the very end of the games there would be an official ceremony where winner would have a sacred olive tree wreath placed on his head.

The ancient Olympic games may have been very different than they are today, but we owe the ancient Greeks a lot. The modern day Olympic games are a wonderful way to bring all the countries of the world together, and celebrate our humanity through friendly competition.

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