More and more of us are going green and it’s never been easier. In fact, there are such a variety of products on the shelves now, that it can be hard working out what all of the labels actually mean. Look out for the following words when buying environmentally-friendly products and bear in mind what they can really mean:

  • Organic – this means that the product is made without chemicals, synthetics, pesticides etc. It has to meet US government standards and is a good indication of how trustworthy its ingredients really are.
  • Biodegradable – these are substances that, once thrown away, can decompose in such a way that they can be safely absorbed. This, in turn, reduces pollution in water and soil. It is an excellent way of reducing waste.
  • No CFCs – if a product says “no CFCs” this means that it is free from chlorofluorocarbons. These are chemicals that can have a very bad effect on the earth’s ozone layer.
  • Recyclable – this usually refers to paper and office products, and if it contains more than 30% “post-consumer content” then it’s definitely worth it!
  • Sustainable – this means that the product is made with renewable resources, such as forests. This in turn protects plant and anial life, soil and water.

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