Chowder | Citiclean BlogNothing says winter like a steaming bowl of soup, however some soups make much better winter comfort food than others. Chowder, a type of thick soup originating from New England, is so thick and creamy that it can easily be served as the main course for any meal.

Chowder comes in three main varieties, fish, clam and corn. All chowders are made with potatoes and heavy cream or milk and often cheese.

New England clam chowder is perhaps the most well known variety of chowder, and is eaten all along the North Atlantic coast. Made with chopped clams, diced potatoes, cream and butter, it’s no wonder that clam chowder is so well known! Here are some clam chowder recipes and how to videos.

Fish chowder, made often with salmon or other types of flavorful fish and seafood. Fish chowder is sometimes made with many types of fish, and it gives the cook a lot of room for creativity. If you like to experiment in the kitchen and you love seafood, then fish chowder is the way to go! Here are some fish chowder recipes to get you inspired.

For vegetarians, vegans and those that just don’t like seafood, corn chowder is a versatile soup that can be easily adjusted to fit anyone’s needs. Corn chowder can be made with heavy cream and cheddar cheese, chicken stock or soy milk depending on your mood. Here are some corn chowder recipes to get you started. . My personal favorite is the Tangy Vegan Crockpot Corn chowder, however I replace the margarine in the recipe with butter and add fresh cilantro to each bowl. Yum!

If you are looking for a hearty winter soup to warm your belly, make a delicious chowder. Your family will thank you!


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