House dust mites, tiny microscopic bugs that feed on human and animal dander (shed skin and hair cells) may be causing you and your family more problems than you realize.

Dust mites, barely visible to the naked eye, can survive in all habitats, but especially thrive in mattresses, carpets, furniture, and bedding.

These bugs, eating and excreting at least twenty particles a day are common causes of asthma and allergies, and can even cause bronchitis in some individuals.

If left unchallenged, dust mite populations can multiply into the thousands. However, some useful ways to keep dust mites at bay include simple daily household cleaning.

Eliminating Dust mites

  • Wash bedding, pillows, curtains, children’s toys, and other bedroom linens every two weeks at high temperature (above 130 degree F) to kill dust mites
  • Keeping the house clean and eliminating dust through mopping will avoid stirring dust mite allergens back into the air
  • If you have carpet, you should vacuum carpet daily to eliminate excess human and pet dander
  • Dust mites enjoy warm and humid environments so keep household temperature between 50 and 70 degrees F to reduce their presence
  • Dust mites flourish in mattresses, therefore, it’s a good idea to get a plastic dust-mite proof mattress cover, vacuum your mattress often, and if needed, get the mattress professionally cleaned

Using these tips will help reduce the allergens that dust mites produce and will help create a cleaner, more allergy-friendly environment for you and your loved ones.

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