Although we think of  area rugs as an easy way to decorate a room, they were not always so easy to come by. When area rugs first made their appearance, before recorded history, fabrics like wool were  still very hard to come by. Throughout the centuries materials like wool, synthetic fabrics, dyes, have become easier to come by, and so rugs have become a common household item.

Although now days most rugs are made by machine, there is still a high demand for hand woven rugs. Machine made rugs are produced on automated weaving looms, and although they are very beautiful, they do not last as long as hand made rugs.

In the same way that a painting is more beautiful and valuable than a print, hand made rugs are a wonderful investment. Hand made rugs will often have little imperfections or personal touches that make the rug unique. If you are looking for a piece of art that will stay in your family for generations, then hand made is definitely the right choice.

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