Herat, Afghanistan, has been the center of fine carpet weaving for thousands of years. However, this ancient craft is in danger of dying out, because of the last 25 years of war, which not only destroyed Afghanistan’s infrastructure but also led to the death of many weavers.

In the last few years a local project (AIL) has joined hands with the CHI (Creating Hope International), training young women to weave. This gives them the chance to support themselves financially; it also helps provide funding for health care, literacy projects, computer classes and teacher training for about 350 people in Herat each month.

Because carpet weaving has, traditionally, been carried out by women, this means they can use this skill to support themselves and their families.

“With AIL’s help, I learned carpet weaving and now have a frame in my home. I weave and sell carpets. My wage improves my children’s lives. I pray for AIL’s success in helping our poor homeland people”

- Fawzia, former carpet-weaving student

So know that when you buy a carpet made by AIL and CHI, you will not only be investing in a top-quality piece, but you will be helping these women build support networks that give them social and financial independence

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